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NEOCA’s Uniform Policy

The details of NEOCA’s Uniform Policy are at the bottom this page. Please read the NEOCA Uniform Policy. If you have other questions not addressed in the Uniform Policy, please email registrar@neocacademy.org

Northeast Ohio Classical Academy Uniform Policy for Students K- 5

Khaki or Navy pants (Khaki shorts allowed during months of September and May only)

  • Khaki or Navy jeggings, skinny pants, etc. are not permissible.
  • Style and color must be comparable to Lands’ End Khaki and Navy pants/shorts
  • Brown or Black belt required with pants/shorts (belt optional in Kindergarten)

 Navy or white standard collared shirt or Peter Pan collared shirt (for girls) or long sleeve polo shirt.

  • Brand names may not be visible
Dress shirt:

White standard collared button dress shirt (Peter Pan optional for girls)  in long sleeve or short sleeve


 Classic Navy Plaid Jumper purchased from Lands’ End for girls.

  • Modesty shorts or leggings must be worn underneath jumper when socks are worn (not required with tights).
Lands’ End Classic Navy Skirt
  • Modesty shorts or leggings must be worn underneath Skirts when socks are worn (not required with tights).

 Sweaters, Cardigans and Sweater Vests must have our logo on them. We recommend buying from Lands’ End for convenience. The school may be able to provide logos for non-Lands End sweaters, cardigans, and sweater vests. Please check with office staff.


 Navy, white, tan, or black quarter or crew sock · Navy or white knee socks · Navy or white tights


Tennis shoes may be worn as part of the daily school uniform for students in grades K-5. Tennis shoes are also required for all PE classes. In an effort to promote student safety and preserve the gym floor, adherence to the following school dress code guidelines apply:

  • Tennis shoes must be solid black, navy, gray, or white, including logos and soles.
  •  Clean, lace tied, or Velcro fastened tennis shoes only.
  •  No zipper, slip-on, or any other fasteners will be allowed.
  • No platform, high tops, elevated soles, light up, roller tennis shoes, rhinestone/sparkles, or hiking-style tennis shoes will be allowed
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