Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is NEOCA?

A. NEOCA is a tuition-free, American Classical K-12 Public Charter School initiative that will begin as a K-5 school in the Fall of 2024, and will progress by expanding by one grade, year by year until it becomes a K-12 school.

Q. When can I enroll my student to attend NEOCA?

A. Enrollment will begin during the summer of 2024. Visit this website frequently for updates, and use this site to subscribe to receive our newsletters and announcements.

Q. What does NEOCA cost?

A. There is NO COST to attend NEOCA. We are a tuition-free, public charter school authorized by a sponsor approved by the State of Ohio. Your tax dollars cover the cost of educating your child at NEOCA!

Q. Where is NEOCA located?

A. The location to be announced soon, will be in a centrally located Northeast Ohio county.

Q. Why will NEOCA use a “Classical” education curriculum?

A. NEOCA is steadfast in our belief that the American Classical curriculum offers students (and teachers) the greatest opportunity to succeed in life! Classical education focuses on the student, enriching and enhancing their capacity to learn, and delivering learning results that far exceed today’s public education averages and standards.

*This is NOT the NEOCA school building. It is a vision of what we hope NEOCA might be in the very near future. Stay tuned for more information about our new location and building by subscribing to our newsletter here.

To learn more about Classical Education, please go to Classical Education Defined. And for more about Curriculum, visit Curriculum Overview.

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