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Hillsdale-affiliated classical schools offer a well-rounded course of study, rooted in human nature which
includes moral formation, civic education, and thoughtful patriotism. Read more about the ten key
characteristics of Hillsdale Classical Schools.

Too many students are being left uneducated and unprepared for college or the workplace. Many
parents knew that problems with education existed before the pandemic, but the time spent at home
revealed the gravity of the situation.

Classical teachers and the difference between History and Social Studies:

Classical education defined “classically”!

Teaching is about more than helping students learn facts and skills. Teachers are representatives of a
civilization who hand on wisdom and virtue to the next generation.

What do teachers — those who are responsible for ensuring students’ education — actually do on a
daily basis? What does the world of the classroom look like from the teacher’s perspective?

Here’s why Classical Education changes lives and forms kids:

If education in America has become preparation for work in a global economy, as Common Core openly
declares, then the situation is far worse than Common Core critics anticipated. Concerns about the cost,
the quality, and, yes, even the constitutionality of Common Core pale in comparison to the concern for
the hearts, minds, and souls of America’s children.

Upholding a Standard of Excellence: breaking from modern, progressive education and returning to
traditional aims and methods.

The Lost Tools of Learning: Trivium and Quadrivium

Hillsdale’s Recommended Reading on classical education

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