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NEOCA will attract students and families that desire a curriculum and educational model that goes beyond providing an exceptional core curriculum, one that includes ethics and civics lessons as well.

All students will benefit from a model where course content illustrates and raises questions of truth, virtue, justice, and character. This special component of the classical education model will be particularly important to students who need the additional accountability that an emphasis on moral virtue and character will provide.

  • The program will counteract much of the negative peer pressure that students often face from challenging environments in school and at home.
NEOCA students will benefit from a research-based core curriculum that is proven to increase academic achievement.
  • The Hillsdale K-12 Curriculum has been aligned with Ohio learning standards.
  • The NEOCA educational program will be supplemented by academic supports such as wrap-around services, tutoring, special education services where identified, individualized instruction, and differentiated learning. 
  • NEOCA students will benefit by learning from invested, dedicated highly qualified teachers with high expectations for achievement.  School leaders experienced in urban education set standards of discipline and respect through a school-wide code of conduct policy.
Opening in Fall 2024 to grades K-5, adding a grade each year until grade 12. 
  • As the school expands to include all grade levels, NEOCA students will gain value from the core curriculum of English Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, as well as Latin that will provide the exceptional level of education needed to graduate from NEOCA and excel in high school, college and/or exceed in career opportunities.
  • Wrap-around services from NEOCA programming will provide the added support that addresses students’ unique needs in order to create emotionally and behaviorally adept human beings.
  • NEOCA will also teach students to focus on virtues and be civic minded.
  • At its fully developed stage, NEOCA will graduate students who understand and value history and are well-prepared to serve their communities as conscientious citizens.
NEOCA welcomes students from all neighborhoods in and around northeast Ohio:
  • Students with families who want high-quality education based on a classical education model.
  • Students and families with high expectations for education that do not want to pay the high, tuition-based costs of private schools.
  • Students and families on waiting lists for charter or private schools.
  • Students and families who are not satisfied with existing public-school options.
  • Students and families who are home-schooling but seek a high-quality alternative.

NEOCA will provide the only public school offering a free Hillsdale K-12 classical educational model in the northeast Ohio area.

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