Mission & Vision

Our NEOCA Mission

NEOCA’s mission is to provide a rich teaching and operational environment, such that the minds and hearts of students may become educated in traditional liberal arts and sciences and receive instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

Our NEOCA Vision

NEOCA began as a vision of founding Board member, and current Board President Mr. Robert Anthony back in early 2021. As Bob entered retirement in 2020, he knew he would not be content in his retirement years simply enjoying the well-deserved leisurely pursuits of most retirees. Bob is simply not “wired” like that. Instead, and like many Americans before him, Bob felt an ardent desire to give back to a country that had provided him with tremendous opportunity, and a society that taught and trained him how to succeed. As he searched for a way to find and involve himself in a cause that would have a long-lasting impact on society and this great country that he loved, he became aware of Hillsdale College in Michigan. Upon exposure to Hillsdale, Bob soon learned about Hillsdale’s primary education Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI) program. Instantly, Bob envisioned how primary education could be the perfect and most effective way to make a positive impact on both our society and this great country that we all love. With his newly found passion deeply entrenched in his being, and knowing he had the support of the iconic Hillsdale-sponsored BCSI program, Bob quickly embarked on making a school become a reality for students in Northeast Ohio.

He began recruiting other like-minded individuals in and around Medina, Ohio (where he lives), and before too long the NEOCA Board was born! What began as a five (5) person Board has now grown presently to eight (8) highly skilled professionals sharing the same passion as Bob.

The Founding Board Members are all longstanding residents of the Medina-Summit-Lorain County area, and all are active in their local church, community, and grass roots organizations, as well as with their national industry and professional societies, associations, and organizations.

NEOCA Board – Notable Milestones
  1. April 2021 – First official NEOCA Board meeting.
  2. September 2021 – Domestic Nonprofit Ohio Corporation established.
  3. January 2022 – Application submitted to Hillsdale College Barney Charter School Initiative.
  4. March 2022 – NEOCA achieves status as a Hillsdale College Candidate Member School.
  5. September 2022 – NEOCA achieves 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status designation from the Internal Revenue Service.
  6. November 2022 – Sponsorship Application to St. Aloysius for new school sponsorship approved.
  7. February 2023 – St. Aloysius Community School Preliminary Agreement Signed.

Click image to download a pdf of a NEOCA brochure.

Brochure for Northeast Ohio Classical Academy (NEOCA), a Hillsdale Candidate Member School

Click image to download a pdf of a NEOCA postcard.

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