Let’s Ask Dr. Baum about PEDs

Personal Electronic Devices (cell phones and laptops) are controversial in the learning lives of young children. Technology of all kinds has helped schools and education in so many ways to organize and communicate. But there is a big difference between types of technologies and a wide gulf between what is acceptable for young children, and what is not. This week’s “Let’s Ask Dr. Baum” poses the question to Dr. David Baum, NEOCA’s Head of School. Here’s what he has to say:

There are a lot of difficult or complex “fixes” out there for what may be challenging public education in America. Our curriculum, for example, is one of them. It’s a great approach to educating our young people but it takes the combined efforts of a team of dedicated teachers and several years of hard work on everyone’s part to have its fullest positive effects. One thing we at NEOCA can do – and will do – that will pay almost immediate dividends is limit our students’ access to “technology,” by which we mean PEDs (personal electronic devices) and social media.

At NEOCA, our electronic technology policy is simple and easy – no cell phones, no laptops, no internet for students. Every recent study confirms what a growing consensus of parents, educators, and policymakers now recognizes: for ten years or more we’ve undercut our kids’ ability to grow up in socially and psychologically healthy environments by allowing them nearly unfettered access to an addictive instrument more powerful and more widely destructive than drugs or alcohol. At NEOCA, we’re just saying NO.

At NEOCA, we’ve got Plato and Aristotle, Shakespeare and Dante, in short, every great writer and thinker from Homer to Hemingway and beyond, and they’d like to not have to fight for your kid’s attention with tiny little pixelated images. At least while we’ve got them at school.

Please join us in providing your kids with the best possible learning environment available today in public education. At NEOCA, we care about more than just the classics – we care about your kids.

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