Hillsdale College Affiliation

NEOCA is a Hillsdale College Candidate Member School.

The affiliation with Hillsdale College and its Hillsdale K-12 classical education program brings immense value to the Northeast Ohio Classical Academy (NEOCA). Hillsdale K-12 Education (Hillsdale) is devoted to supporting the launch of K-12 high-performing classical charter schools. Hillsdale’s goal is to assist schools that provide a content-rich classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue. Hillsdale will provide the design of the educational program, and student and teacher recruitment best practices, and offer significant leadership and ongoing annual staff professional development.

Hillsdale College developed the Hillsdale K-12 classical education model, and the curriculum used at its member schools has proven successful in addressing a wide variety of student needs. Hillsdale K-12 has collaborated to provide such services in 23 successful classical schools across 11 states. The Hillsdale K-12 classical education model to be used by NEOCA is characterized by a strong emphasis on language, content richness in all subjects, a strong core curriculum, and a focus on the historical, literary, and scientific traditions of the United States and Western civilization.

NEOCA Board Members attending training at Hillsdale: (seated) Chuck Cline , (standing L-R) Jeff Daniels, Bob Anthony, and Liz Griffiths
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