Head of School

Dr. David Baum

Dr. Baum is a native Pennsylvanian and grew up outside Wilkes-Barre. He received his B.A. with honors from the University of Dallas, and his PhD from Yale University, both in history. He has written and presented broadly in his field on topics ranging from Renaissance and Modern Italian History to the History of the Modern Middle East and American Politics and Culture. He has taught at the college and secondary levels for over thirty years both in the U.S. and abroad, and has twice served as head of school at schools in Arizona and Massachusetts. He has a lifelong interest in the promotion of the great books and the Classical Tradition.

Dr. Baum is an avid skier and hiker, plays a bit of golf and tennis, loves music, especially jazz and classic rock, and is a devoted fan of the San Francisco Giants and all things March Madness. He is also a devoted reader of detective novels, in particular those of the Southern writer, James Lee Burke, and the Italian novelist, Andrea Camilleri. He has a daughter, Rochelle, who is recently married and lives near Jacksonville, Florida with her new husband, Aaron.

Northeast Ohio Classical Academy is excited to have friends and family, and students and teachers engaging with our Head of School! Dr. Baum is dedicated to our continued growth, and shares our commitment to offering a quality Hillsdale College curriculum at NEOCA. Please reach out to Dr. Baum, meet him at our events, and watch for opportunities to speak with him at our upcoming tours and meet-and-greet events. Here’s a Q&A conversation with Dr. Baum on our blog.

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