Curriculum Overview

A Hillsdale College Curriculum

NEOCA is steadfast in our belief that the American Classical curriculum offers students (and teachers) the greatest opportunity to succeed in life! American Classical education focuses on the student to enrich and enhance their capacity to learn and to leverage that growth to deliver learning results that far exceed today’s public education averages and standards.

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Our culture:
  • Demands moral virtue, decorum, respect, discipline, and studiousness among the students and faculty—and simultaneously produces a spirit of wonder and a desire to know that which is good, true, and beautiful.
Our Curriculum:
  • Emphasizes the centrality of the Western tradition in the study of history, literature, philosophy, and the fine arts.
  • Features a rich and recurring examination of the American literary, moral, philosophical, political, and historical traditions to equip students for citizenship.
  • Is balanced and strong across the four core disciplines of math, science, literature, and history, with explicit phonics instruction leading to reading fluency and explicit grammar instruction leading to language mastery.
  • Is taught by well-educated and articulate teachers who are central to the classroom, in contrast to conventional “student-centered learning” models.
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Our American Classical Liberal Arts Core Curriculum
Elementary School Grades K-5
Math:Singapore Math
Science:Life, Physical & Earth Science
Literature:Classic Children’s Literature, Sayings & Phrases
History:American History & Geography
Memorization & Recitation of American Documents
World History & Geography
Grammar:Phonics, Writing, Spelling
Languages:French, Spanish or German, Greek & Latin Roots
Fine Arts:Art & Music History, Appreciation & Theory
Phys Ed:All Grade Levels
Middle School Grades 6-8
Math:Singapore Math & Algebra I
Science:Intro to Life & Chemical Sciences, Conceptual Physics
Literature: Classic Literature & Poetry
History:American History
Grammar: Grammar & Composition
Languages:Latin I & II
Fine Arts:Art & Music History, Appreciation & Theory
Phys Ed:All grade levels
High School Grades 9-12
Math:Algebra II, Trigonometry, Calculus
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy
Literature:Ancient Through Modern Literature
History:Europe Through to the Modern World
Grammar:Logic & Rhetoric
Languages:Latin III
Fine Arts:Art & Music History, Appreciation & Theory
Phys Ed:Or Other Electives
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