Group of young Northeast Ohio Classical Academy school children, with backpacks walking in a line.
Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to revive the tradition of American Classical Education for grades K-12 in Northeast Ohio.

We believe that every child can benefit from an American classical education rooted in the liberal arts and sciences, offering a firm grounding in civic virtue, and cultivating moral character.

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Curriculum Overview

NEOCA is a Hillsdale College Curriculum school. We are steadfast in our belief that the American classical curriculum offers students (and teachers) the greatest opportunity to succeed in life! The American classical education focuses on the student to enrich and enhance their capacity to learn and to leverage that growth to deliver learning results that far exceed today’s public education averages and standards.

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Facts for Parents

• Approximately two in five Ohio students reach the national standard for proficiency, just above the national average.

• Just 22 percent of Ohio students reach college ready benchmarks in all four areas of the ACT.

• College readiness varies by ACT content area—from 31% in science, 33% in Math, 40% in Reading to 50% in English.

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